Head Coaches Jamie Murray (BJJ) and Callan Potter (Striking) lead a team of over 140 graded BJJ students, multiple world championship medalists and professional MMA fighters with integrity.

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Jamie Murray

Head Grappling Coach

Callan Potter

Head Striking Coach

Black Belts

  • Jamie Murray
  • John Mirrabella
  • Mick Pope
  • Callan Potter
  • Heath Attard
  • Andrew Mugerwa

Brown Belts

  • Chris How
  • Mikey Lay
  • Adam Matijevic
  • Jase Ng
  • Christian Oakley
  • Pete Sikiric
  • Luke Smith
  • Luke Steel
  • Dom Tz


Harrison Napier - Personal Trainier
Luke Smith - Osteopath

The Journey

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu awards belts for proficiency and attitude. Unlike many martial arts, belts are earned over several years with the first belt (blue) taking as many as three or four years to earn. A dedicated student may expect to receive their black belt after 10 years of training.

Along the way progress is recognised by awarding "stripes" which are attached to the belt. 4 stripes are awarded in the progression towards the next belt.

Instructors at black belt level continue to receive stripes (known as degrees) which are a recognition of the time dedicated to the sport. The first three degrees are awarded every three years and thereafter a degree is awarded every five years.

  • White (Novice)
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Black (1st Degree)

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